You can trust your commercial move to Long Beach Moving Services. Our dedicated moving consultants have assisted in thousands of local business moves and interstate relocations. With a focus on strategic planning and coordination, we are able to get each commercial move completed with the least amount of disruption to your business.

Let Us Help You Coordinate the Move

It is good practice to assign someone in your business to manage the move. However, even the most dedicated employees won’t have the insight and first-hand knowledge of an experienced moving company. When you choose Long Beach Moving Services for your commercial move, we will pair you with a personal moving coordinator who will work with your various departments to ensure the move is completed seamlessly, from packing to setup. Some of the ways our moving coordinators can assist include:

• Project design and management
• Inventory and cataloguing
• Creating custom packing plans for specialty items
• Color-coding workstations for smart packing
• Office layout planning
• Data center and media migrations
• Full and partial packing services
• Custom cartons and crates
• Reconfiguration of filing systems
• Office furniture installation
• Asset disposal
• Climate-controlled storage
• Free in-office estimates

We Pay Attention to the Acute Details
Our goal is to provide commercial moving services which meet and exceed all of your expectations. We do this by paying attention to the details and anticipating your needs so we can find cost-effective solutions in advance. Your personal moving coordinator will take care of all arrangements, such as having custom crates made, obtaining permits, and scheduling for third-party services, so your employees can focus on work. We stay in contact with you through the entire process so you feel in control and can relax knowing everything is being taken care of.

FAQs about Commercial Moving Services
How long with the move take?

Commercial moves are particularly time-sensitive and we work with you to get the move completed in the fastest timeframe possible. Most office moves can be completed in 1 to 2 days. One day is allotted for packing and unpacking, and another day for moving the items to the new destination. We can perform office moves on Friday evenings and have everything set up by Monday morning for work.

How do you minimize downtime?
Long Beach Moving Service is able to minimize downtime with strategic planning. Some basic methods of minimizing downtime during a commercial move are to use spider cranes to move entire filing cabinets without emptying them, using inserts in desk drawers that hold contents in place, and using “boxless” methods of moving items. We can also reduce downtime by coming up with a custom moving schedule to suit your needs. It is even possible to move departments in stages so operations never completely stop.

How are estimates calculated?
We provide free estimates at your business. During the estimate, the moving agent will perform an inventory and talk to you about the details of the move. Based on your unique moving requirements, you will be given a custom moving estimate. All estimates are written in detail so you know exactly how much each service costs. If your needs should change at any point during the move, the estimate will be adjusted accordingly.

Are your movers trained?
We do not hire day laborers for commercial moves. All of our movers are professionals and have been trained to handle commercial moving needs, from cubicle takedown to operating cranes for moving heavy machinery.

Can you move electronics and computers?
Yes! We have electronics crates and static-free crates for moving sensitive electronics. We can also have custom crates made for equipment.

Can you move modular furniture?
Yes! Our movers are trained to take down and reinstall modular furniture quickly and safely.

Can you move large machinery?
In most cases, yes. Our movers are trained to operate cranes, dollies, and other equipment needed for moving large machinery. In event that we are unable to move the machinery, we can help by obtaining third-party services.

Are my assets covered?
As required by California law, we are an insured commercial moving company. If you utilize our commercial packing services, then your assets will be covered for their full value. If you wish to pack yourself and require additional coverage, our agent will explain your options.

How is inventory managed during the move?
We use digital inventory software for keeping track of all of your assets during the move. Should you utilize our packing services for the move, then the contents of each box will be inventoried. If you choose to pack yourself, then we will label each box with its own coded sticker to make sure every box arrives at its destination.

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