Special Moves

Let us handle all the details of your move for you. We offer a full range of special moving services designed to save you time, money, and hassle. Our special moving services include but are not limited to:

• Moving planning and logistics
• Packing and crating
• Craning services
• Assembly and disassembly
• Art and media installations
• Pool table moving
• Piano moving
• Antique moving
• Fine art moving
• Home gym moving
• Auto and boat moving
• Disposal and donation

Keeping Your Prized Possessions Safe
In every move, there is always at least one item which is invaluable to the client. It may be a cherished family heirloom, a work of art, or a brand new motorcycle. Whatever that item is, we can help keep it safe with our special moving services.

All of our employees at Long Beach Moving Service are trained professionals who know how to pack, handle, and load items so they stay safe during the move. Our movers also have equipment to keep your belongings safe, such as blankets for protecting against scratches to furniture and dollies to ensure heavy items are loaded without damages. Further, we offer a variety of insurance coverage plans to give you peace of mind in the unlikely event that something happens to your belongings.

For items such as antiques and artwork, we can arrange in advance for custom crating to keep your belongings safe during the move. Larger items like pool tables can be taken apart by our movers and moved with specialty equipment like trolleys. Some larger items may need to be moved out using cranes or lifts. Whatever the unique challenge at hand is, you can trust us to find a solution for it.

Assembly and Disassembly Moving Services
Many items in your home, such as large furniture, pool tables, and exercise equipment, will need to be disassembled before they can be moved. Otherwise, they may not be able to fit out the doorway or will take up excess room in the moving truck. During your free in-home moving estimate, a moving agent will perform an inventory and inform you of any items which may require disassembly. If you’d rather not deal with the stress of dismantling these items yourself, our team led by a master carpenter can perform the task swiftly and expertly. Once at your new home, we can help reassemble these items in their proper places.

Art and Media Installations
If you are moving artwork, flat screen TVs, or fixtures, then it can be a major hassle to reinstall these items in your new home. Long Beach Moving Service can do the task for you. Our experts come prepared with all the necessary equipment to secure your belongings safely in place, including braces, anchors, hooks, wire, and tools. We can also help you choose the right location and heights for your items to be hung.

Moving Planning Services
Sometimes you need extra help with planning your move, and our professional moving coordinators are here to help. When you choose us as your Long Beach moving service, a moving agent will be sent to your home to perform a free on-site estimate. During this time, we can help you figure out the basic logistics of the move. Should you need further assistance, your personal moving coordinator is there for you throughout the entire process. We take a proactive approach to moving and can anticipate your needs in advance so you don’t have to stress about details. It is up to you how much involvement you want in the moving process – you can be in as much or little contact with our coordinators as you’d like.

Item Disposal, Recycling, and Donations
In every move, there are always some items you don’t want to take with you. If you didn’t find time to sell or get rid of the items before moving day, don’t worry – we can handle this for you. We are in contact with a network of charities who would be grateful to take your unwanted belongings as a donation. We also have contacts with recycling centers who can take your belongings away for you. Our movers can handle the entire disposal process, from packing to drop-off, so you can relax.

Third-Party Moving Services
We at Long Beach Moving Service strive to offer the most comprehensive services possible. In order to do this, we keep a full team of trained experts on staff which includes movers, art hangers, packers, crates, carpenters, and electronics specialists. Even with this knowledgeable team, it isn’t always possible for us to perform a special moving service ourselves. Instead, we have close ties with third-party service providers throughout Long Beach. By letting us manage the third-party services, you are spared the stress of having to coordinate with them yourselves. Because we have such a good relationship with these special moving service providers, we can also save you money too.

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