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Even local moves can be very stressful and require lots of planning. From packing to loading to organizing specialty services, Long Beach Moving Service will be there for you every step of the way. Our moving agents are committed to making your move as stress-free as possible while adhering to your budget.

Let Us Take Care of the Details
When moving, the smallest details are important for success. Our moving agents make sure nothing gets overlooked for your move goes according to plan. You will be assigned a dedicated moving consultant for your local move. The consultant will help you come up with an inventory of items, make a packing plan, arrange for packing of fragile and specialty items, and inform you of any steps you need to make like reserving the elevator in your new building. Planning the details of the local move not only mean we can get it done more efficiently, but also that we can provide you with the most accurate moving quotes so you can budget accordingly.

Saving You Time and Money
We understand that many of our clients are working with small budgets for local moves. There is no reason why budget should prevent you from getting the best moving services in Long Beach! One of the ways that we save you money on moving services is by paying our movers more. It may seem contradictory but, by paying them a fair hourly rate, we are able to reduce turnaround and keep a team of highly-trained, efficient movers on staff. Our movers get local moves done faster, which means your move costs less.

Another way we save you money on local moving services is by having the best technology and tools available. With dollies, hand-trucks, and lifts, we are able to move items much faster than by brute strength alone. The tools help get the move done faster, saving you money, and also keeping your belongings safe.

The final way we are able to save you money on moving services in Long Beach is by planning properly. Even the slightest details can end up costing a lot if they are overlooked, such as if rush hour traffic isn’t accounted for or the wrong tools are brought to the job. We work closely with our clients to make sure every part of the move goes smoothly and costs are kept low.

FAQs about Local Moving Services in Long Beach

How much does it cost to move in Long Beach?
Local moves in Long Beach are charged on an hourly rate. The hourly rate will vary depending on how many movers are needed. In addition to the hourly rate, you are charged for transportation time (includes fuel surcharge), any packing materials needed (we offer free mattress covers and furniture pads), and specialty services like crating or packing.

What is a non-binding not-to-exceed estimate?
Local moves are calculated on an hourly rate, and we are very skilled at estimating how long the move will take. If the move takes less time than estimated, you pay less than the estimate. If the move takes longer, then you pay more. This is known as a “non-binding estimate.” For your peace of mind, we include a “not-to-exceed” clause in the estimate. This is the maximum amount your move will cost, even if it takes much longer than originally calculated.

Why do you have to come to my home to give a moving quote?
We can give a general moving quote over the phone, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this estimate. Our moving agents must see the amount of belongings you have as well as the specifics of your moving requirements (where the moving truck will be able to park, staircases, fragile items, etc.) in order to give you an accurate moving quote.

Are my belongings insured?
The State of California requires all movers to have a minimum insurance liability of $20,000 for items carried in the moving truck. We offer additional insurance options in case you want more coverage. When you use our packing services, you are insured for the full value of the items packed by us.

When do I need to make my moving reservation?
Our moving services are in high demand. We recommend that you make reservations with us at least 2 weeks in advance. Weekends and the ends of months are particularly busy times for moving services, so may need to be booked even further in advance.

Why do I need a minimum number of movers?
Most local moves require at least 3 or 4 movers. It is actually cheaper to have more movers because they are able to work together efficiently to get the move done much faster.

Do the movers take a break?
We encourage our movers to take regular breaks so they do not get tired and risk injury or damage to your belongings. You do not have to pay for breaks by our movers.

Why do you cost more than other moving companies?
Our moving estimates are honest. We do not give out low estimates just to lure you in. We know our moving services are priced fairly and will happily provide you with the breakdown of costs, including the hourly rates of our employees, fuel costs, and equipment costs.

Why do you need to pack my TV and mattresses?
Flat-screen TVs and mattresses are often valuable items, and they can also be easily damaged during the moving process. To prevent damage claims (and keep our insurance rates low), we will pack your TV and wrap your mattress.

Can you take apart my furniture?
Yes! We can help with disassembly of beds, bookshelves, tables, desks, and most other common household furniture. However, there are some items we cannot disassemble, such as swing sets and trampolines. During your estimate, the moving agent will explain what items we can’t take apart and explain your options for them.

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