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To help you budget for your move, Long Beach Moving Service offers free moving quotes at your home or business. Our moving agents have the experience needed to accurately assess how much your move will cost and we never underestimate to bait you into using our services. No matter the size of your move, you can count on us for accurate, honest moving quotes.

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Why Moving Quotes Need to Be Given in Person
All moving companies in California will give you a free moving quote over the phone or online. These moving quotes are only based on factors such as the number of rooms in your home and the number of occupants. These free moving quotes can only give you a general approximation and are not reliable. The actual moving costs could be much more or less, depending on how many items are packed into your rooms, whether you have fragile items, or specialty items. To accurately estimate how much moving services will cost, the movers need to see your situation themselves.

How Our Free Moving Quotes Are Estimated
When you call Long Beach Moving Services, we will schedule a moving quote at a time which is convenient to you. During the free estimate, a moving agent will sit down and have a consultation with you. The moving agent will also take a tour of your home in order to assess the inventory of belongings. Based on the following information, the moving agent will be able to create a detailed moving estimate:

• The number of movers needed to get the move completed in the needed timeframe
• The estimated weight of all belongings to be moved (for long distance moves)
• The number of hours it will take to move all belongings (for local moves)
• The size of moving truck which will be needed
• Cost of specialty services like packing, furniture disassembly, and hoisting
• Cost of any third-party services needed, such as piano moving
• Additional insurance
• Fuel charges
• Additional fees such as parking, tolls, or permits

Our Moving Estimates Are Accurate
It takes experience to accurately estimate how much a move will cost. Our moving agents have decades of experience in the moving industry and are trained to account for all the details of a move. They can immediately recognize factors which can increase costs, such as if your driveway permits door-side access or whether movers will have to walk further distances to move belongings. Even small details, such as the size of your building’s elevator, can drastically affect how long a move will take and thus affect the costs.

We never use underhanded techniques like purposely underestimating the move so you choose us, only to have to pay more later. Our moving estimates are based on years of experience and are always quoted accurately so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises on moving day. With not-to-exceed clauses in our moving contracts, you have peace of mind knowing you won’t pay more than what we agreed upon.

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