Long Distance

Long Beach Moving Service does more than just move your belongings. We support you through the moving process with strategic planning and customer service so the move goes faster, you save time, and stress is eliminated. Our moving agents are committed to serving you and are ready to help with all your needs.

Strategic Planning for a Stress-Free Move
Long distance moves require a lot of advance planning to make sure no details are overlooked and no problems occur. With thousands of successful long distance moves completed in every state, Long Beach Movers has the experience you need to strategically plan your move. Every customer is assigned a moving consultant who will sit down with you to work out the logistics of the move. Some of the ways we can help ensure your long distance move goes smoothly are:

• Free in-home moving estimates
• Packing and unpacking services
• Origin and destination management
• Fleet of new moving trucks
• Storage solutions
• Flexible moving plans
• Third-party services

We Save You Money on Long Distance Moving
Reliable long distance moving services can be costly because of labor time, equipment, fuel, tolls, parking, permits, and insurance. We do everything in our power to keep moving costs low and work around your budget.

One option for low-budget long distance moving services is to use freighting to move your belongings. Under this system, our movers will come to your home, pack your belongings into a moving truck, and then transfer the belongings to a freighter. Your belongings are packed with those of other people moving in the same direction, so you share the costs of the move. The main benefit of this system is that the long distance move will cost much less. The downside is that the move can take up to a week longer because we have to wait for the freighter to be filled.

Another option is dedicated long distance moving services, in which the same movers will load, drive, and unload your belongings. Dedicated services cost more because the movers must be compensated for their time and accommodation may be necessary. However, the move can be completed much faster and you get the peace of mind of knowing who is with your belongings at every step.

FAQs about Long Distance Moving Services

When is a move considered “long distance”?
Each company has its own definition of what is considered a “long distance” move. With virtually all companies though, any move out of state (even if just over the state border) is considered long distance. Interstate moves are regulated by the FMCSA and all carriers must be licensed.

How much will it cost to move long distance?
There are three main factors considered in long-distance moving costs: how much stuff is being moved, where you are moving, and when you are moving. However, there may be other costs associated with long-distance moving, such as permits, packing and unpacking, specialty services, storage, and third-party providers.

How long will it take to move a long distance?
Our professional drivers typically can move about 500 miles per day. Allow another day for loading and unloading. If packing services are used, then packing typically occurs the day before moving day.

Can I move long distance at the last minute?
Most long distance moves are planned at least 6 weeks in advance. Long Beach Moving Service can accommodate last-minute long distance moves. We will work together to quickly coordinate and come up with a moving plan that suits your schedule.

Do I have to be at the origin and destination?
You or an authorized agent must be at the pickup and delivery location to sign the bill of lading. Remember that Long Beach Moving Service will unload your belongings where you want them to go, so it is important that you use a color-coding system for boxes and provide us with a floor plan if you will not be at the destination.

Will my belongings be kept safe during transportation?
All of our moving trucks are secured against theft and equipped with GPS tracking systems so you always know exactly where your belongings are located en route to their destination. With dedicated long-distance moving services, your belongings are no comingled with other people’s belongings and the same movers stay with them for the entire move.

What items can’t you move?
Our moving agents will provide you with a list of items which we cannot move. This includes firearms, toxic items, flammable items (including many household cleaners), and perishable items (including house plants).

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